Video tutorials






Software Basics –Tutorials

Little KITEs – Training- 2018

         Animation  Plane 1     Plane 2    Car

         InkScape   —  Baloon



Tutorials for Teachers Training 2018

Hot Potato–   Intro Settings JMatch JMatch2



  sprite                SCRATCH-2 —–the programming basics

                 Basics      Basics 2         Dance       Walking


   Maths logo website Mathematics — The Queen of Science

Writer- Qn. Paper      Writer- Mathematics


LibreOffice Base ——- for Data storage and access it

Base 1      Base 2     Base 3    Form 1   Form 2   Table

Thanks to Sulaiman Mash and Zakeer Mash (Higher Sec. Trs.) who made this video possible

LibreOffice Calc—— for Data Assessment

Intro     Intro 2        Sum Fn      Pie Chart      Bar Dia      Pivot Table    Count Fn


for Evaluation

eXe 1                  eXe 2              eXe 3


Chemtool for Chemistry

Chemtool 1        Chemtool 2      Chemtool 3     Chemtool 4


meant for Periodic Table

Kalzium 1         Kalzium 2


           Avogadro- to explore Atoms, Molecules…..

Avo 1             Avo 2  


            GIMP for image Editing

               GIMP- crop         GIMP 2          GIMP 3


  for Sound Editing

Aud 01         Aud 02        Aud 03     Aud 04  


 for Video Editing

Openshot 1


Kolorpaint to Canvaz your imagination

Kolor 1           Kolor 2

Screenshot …… the selfiee expert for your screen



Shutter—— to open your imagination

Shutter crop           Shutter- mark parts          Shutter- screenshot                       Shutter- mark/edit


TurtleArt  —– the programming A B C D

Turtle 1       Turtle 2     Turtle 3   Turtle 4     Turtle 5     Turtle 6

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