Video tutorials

Software Basics –Tutorials

Little KITEs – Training- 2018

         Animation  Plane 1     Plane 2    Car

         InkScape   —  Baloon



Tutorials for Teachers Training 2018

Hot Potato–   Intro Settings JMatch JMatch2


UBUNTU —– Humanity to others ‘സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യം നമ്മുടെ ജന്മാവകാശം’

Gen Troubleshoot    Startup pendrive     Startup DVD                       Ubuntu 14.04 install


Download your Dreams

keep this in mind           Youtube DL GUI


  sprite                SCRATCH-2 —–the programming basics

                 Basics      Basics 2         Dance       Walking


   Maths logo website Mathematics — The Queen of Science

Writer- Qn. Paper      Writer- Mathematics



LibreOffice Impress —— helps the presenter

Imp 1     Imp 2    Imp 3    Imp 4   Imp 5     Video insert    Table creation


LibreOffice Base ——- for Data storage and access it

Base 1      Base 2     Base 3    Form 1   Form 2   Table

Thanks to Sulaiman Mash and Zakeer Mash (Higher Sec. Trs.) who made this video possible

LibreOffice Calc—— for Data Assessment

Intro     Intro 2        Sum Fn      Pie Chart      Bar Dia      Pivot Table    Count Fn


for Evaluation

eXe 1                  eXe 2              eXe 3


Chemtool for Chemistry

Chemtool 1        Chemtool 2      Chemtool 3     Chemtool 4


meant for Periodic Table

Kalzium 1         Kalzium 2


           Avogadro- to explore Atoms, Molecules…..

Avo 1             Avo 2  


            GIMP for image Editing

               GIMP- crop         GIMP 2          GIMP 3


  for Sound Editing

Aud 01         Aud 02        Aud 03     Aud 04  


 for Video Editing

Openshot 1


Kolorpaint to Canvaz your imagination

Kolor 1           Kolor 2

Screenshot …… the selfiee expert for your screen



Shutter—— to open your imagination

Shutter crop           Shutter- mark parts          Shutter- screenshot                       Shutter- mark/edit


TurtleArt  —– the programming A B C D

Turtle 1       Turtle 2     Turtle 3   Turtle 4     Turtle 5     Turtle 6

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